Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Sound Of Reason

 Titles can be a beautiful thing but I've never been one to care enough to hold one. Even so it always finds me, pretending to be someone else's and the moment I put my guard down and settle into my own mindless role it PONCES! Even worse the veil that hide me falls and suddenly everyone can see me. I don't mind not being seen, I never have, I've come to realize that being seen leaves you completely vulnerable.

Sharks can be quiet bothersome in murky waters, when THEY have the upper hand it's quiet easy for them to pull you under. You have to be clever, better, quicker. It can change someone...but not those who could care LESS about titles. I believe their is a reason why people like me are placed in these positions and it FAR from luck. Through the chaos and noise. In a world of competition, cheating, and stepping on toes. WE are the sound of reason.

So as much as I DISLIKE title's if for a moment I can cut through sound, I'll carry all I can. Just to push through the circus of people trying to climb the high latter. I would. Just to be a VOICE. A sound of reason.